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Gold iPad

Are you a fan of Apple's latest gadget the iPad, but want something that's a little more unique and luxurious than the standard model? If so, our Gold iPad may be just with you're looking for.

Is the Gold iPad available now?

The 24ct Gold iPad offered here, by Alexander Amosu, is available to buy right now from our website for delivery worldwide, and has been designed to give you a heightened level of luxury with a Gold iPad compare to the original apple product. As a device, this ground breaking gadget is an elegant, feature-full wonder, which is greatly enhanced by the decorative and beautiful finish of our Gold iPad, leaving you the envy of Apple enthusiasts where ever you go.

Is your Gold iPad available in multiple hard drive sizes and with 3G as well as Wi-Fi?

Yes. The Gold iPad offered on our website is available in both the 32GB and 64GB versions of the device, and are complete with both 3G and Wi-Fi, ensuring that you not only get the best aesthetically pleasing experience possible with our 24ct Gold iPad, but also the best user experience, with all available connectivity options and larger storage sizes.

I already own an iPad, but can you turn that into a Gold iPad?

Here at Alexander Amosu we offer a service that we call "Midas touch", which offers a range of options for transforming your existing apple products by plating them in 24ct Gold. At present, you can use this service for your Gold iPad, Gold iPhone and iPod products, and is a relatively inexpensive service which takes no more than a few days for us to complete and get your Gold iPad back to you.

How do I go about purchasing one of your 24ct Gold iPad?

Buying your new Gold iPad from Alexander Amosu is easy, simply use our website to find your way to the 24ct iPad section of our website, select the version you'd like to purchase and then add this to your cart. Once here, you will need to proceed to the checkout process of our website, where you will be prompted to provide your payment details to complete your Gold iPad purchase.

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