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Gold iPhone

If you're a big fan of the apple products but want something with a touch more luxury than a 24ct Gold iPhone could be the product you've been looking for to set you apart from the apple crowd.

Is the Gold iPhone available now?

Our Gold iPhone 3GS has been available for some time, and is made using the highest quality 24ct Gold, giving you a level of luxury that just isn't available with other mobiles on the market. In addition to this, our Gold iPhone also comes with a unique hardened mirror backing that is available in either white or black.

Is your Gold iPhone available in both hard drive sizes?

The Gold iPhone from Alexander Amosu is available in both the 16GB and 32GB storage size, is pre-packaged with Microsoft Enterprise add-ons and is complete with all the other features you have come to expect and love from Apple's iPhone, all wrapped in an exquisite 24ct Gold finish.

Are there any other features or services that come with your Gold iPhone?

As with all of the luxury mobile phones by Alexander Amosu, our Gold iPhone comes complete with one years international concierge service in 44 global locations, giving you a level of luxury with your new Gold iPhone that you won't get with anyone else.

How do I go about purchasing one of your 24ct Gold iPhones?

Purchasing one of our Gold iPhone 3GS handsets is easy, simply navigate to the appropriate section of our website, add the Gold iPhone to your shopping cart, and proceed to the checkout process to complete your order. Once we have received it, your order will be filled immediately, and your new Gold iPhone dispatch to you immediately.

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