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Gold iPhone 3GS

If you're one of the millions of the loyal Apple fans out there then I'm sure you, like the rest of them, are equipped with an iPhone 3GS. However, have you ever wanted to stand out from the pack? Well, now you can, with one of our Gold iPhone 3GS, giving you an increased level of stylish luxury that you simply can't get with the standard iPhone model.

Is the Gold iPhone 3GS available now?

The Gold iPhone 3GS from Alexander Amosu has been available for some time, and can be purchased directly from our website. Our Gold iPhone 3GS is coated in the highest quality 24ct fine Gold and will leave you a cut above the rest in the tech-style stakes every time you whip it out to make a call, an email or simply to play with one of the thousands of apps available on this revolutionary mobile device.

Is your Gold iPhone 3GS available in both hard drive sizes?

Our Gold iPhone 3GS is available in both the 16GB and 32GB storage capacity sizes, bundled with a load of Microsoft Enterprise additions to make your life simpler, as well as coming with all of the features you have come to expect from your iPhone, all cased in a layer of splendid 24ct Gold.

Are there any other features or services that come with your Gold iPhone?

When you buy a Gold iPhone 3GS from Alexander Amosu you will also receive year-long access to our exclusive international concierge service, available in 44 cities across the globe. This service is entirely free of charge and available with all Gold mobile phone products that we offer.

How do I go about purchasing a Gold iPhone 3GS from you?

Upgrading to the Gold iPhone 3GS couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is select the Gold iPhone of your choice, add it to your shopping basket as you would with any other site, and then go through our checkout process. Once you have provided us with your payment details to complete your Gold iPhone 3GS order, this will be dispatched immediately, allowing you to enjoy your new Gold iPhone 3GS without any delay.

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